Tuscan International

Alce Nero and Mielizia has been providing the finest Organic and Fair Trade products throughout Italy and Asia for over 30 years. A cooperative of worldwide producers dedicated to growing and creating delicious and nutritious products in an environmentally friendly way.


Organic & Fair Trade Chocolate Bars, 100g:
The cocoa for these bars is produced in Costa Rica by the members of the Appta Cooperative. There are 5 varieties to choose from:

  • 80% Cocoa with Cocoa Nibs

  • 71% Cocoa

  • White Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs

  • Milk Chocolate with whole Hazelnuts

  • Milk Chocolate


ciokoTE: Organic & Fair Trade

Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Bar, 33g

Dark Chocolate covered Matcha green tea filling.

ciokoCOCCO: Organic & Fair Trade

Coconut-Mango Chocolate Bar, 33g

Milk Chocolate covered coconut-mango filling.

Organic & Fair Trade Cocoa Powder: 75g

The special types of cocoa beans are grown in Costa Rica from plants grown in the Talamanca forest. No chemicals or pesticides are used.

Organic Honey: 250g
  • Chestnut Honey from Tuscany

  • Orange Honey from Calabria & Sicily

  • Acacia Honey from Piemonte

  • Forest Honey from Piemonte (from plant secretions other than pollen)



Single Serving 6g (mini-pouches): Forest Honey

This unique honey is made from plant secretions other than flower nectar. Also known as Melata or Honeydew, it is made from a sugary liquid that bees pick from leaves and trees. It is rich with mineral elements such as potassium, phosphorus, enzyme and amino acids. It's anti-bacterial effect is superior to other honey.

Single Serving 6g (mini-pouches): Acacia Honey

The delicate and smooth flavour of Acacia makes it a great flavour enhancer for tea, drizzled over fruit, or many other uses. Rich in fructose and enzymes, with anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic Acacia Honey in Squeeze Bottle: 250g


The delicate flavour of Acacia in a convenient

and no-mess squeeze bottle

Organic Chestnut Cream Spread: 270g

No added Pectin. 

Ingredients: Chestnuts, concentrated grape juice, lemon juice

Organic Balsamic Vinegar: 250ml

Part of the new "4 Leaf Quality Certification" system, this moderately priced vinegar is rated at '2 leaves'.  It is round and spirited, brisk yet vibrantly balanced.  This lightly concentrated vinegar is suitable for marinades and steamed vegetables. 6% acidity.

Organic Apple Vinegar: 500ml


Produced with apples grown in the Dolomite mountain area without use of chemical substances.

5% acidity.

Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: 750ml

This D.O.P. (Denomination of Protected Origin) certified oil, made from the first cold pressing, comes from Bari, Puglia in the sunny south of Italy. Use this oil raw to enjoy it's full flavour and aroma.

Organic Rice Meal/Flour: 500g 

Naturally Gluten-Free..

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