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Since 1878, the Venchi chocolate company has focused on quality and freshness in all it's products.  Exclusive recipes and extraordinary raw materials are the key point in Venchi's success. Now also enjoy a wide range of  sugar-free and gluten-free products. 


Venchi offers a complete range of sugar-free products sweetened with maltitol, a natural sweetener which comes from maltose and has a pleasant flavour, similar to sucrose. Maltitol acts against the growth of oral bacteria, which release acids causing caries and erosion of tooth enamel. The usefulness of maltitol, as an alternative to sugar and as part of a comprehensive program including proper dental hygiene, has been recognized worldwide.

The control of glucose, of lipids and of body-weight is one of the most important aspects for people suffering from diabetes. Maltitol is absorbed very slowly by the human body and that is why it can reduce the presence of glucose and assimilates a lower caloric value than sugar.  Its low caloric value (2.1 calories per gram compared to 4 calories of sugar) allows people to control their weight. High-quality chocolate, if consumed in moderation, not only has nutritional value, but can also be part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Note: maltitol, if abused, can cause laxative effects: therefore it is advisable to consume no more than 100 g a day of this substance.



Mini Chocolate Bars, 45g


- Dark Chocolate (54% cocao)

- Milk Chocolate (32% cocoa)

- Dark Chocolate with Coffee

- Gianduja (Milk choc. & ground hazelnut)




Individually wrapped


- pure Piedmont hazelnuts IGP Gianduja wedge with no added sugar.


- Cubotto (dark with cream filling)


- 3.3g mini squares (pure milk or dark chocolate.

Gift Box of Sugar-Free Giandujotti, 150g