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Candied Ginger coated in dark chocolate.
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For over 40 years, two cousins from a small mountain town in southeast Italy went about their daily lives, oblivious of each other.  Divided by both time and distance, one family uprooted and moved to Canada, the other family moved north to Tuscany to seek better lives for their children.  For Italians, the lure of one’s home town is powerful and many return each summer to visit elderly parents or to participate in local festivals. 

A chance meeting of two first-cousins one summer piqued the interest and curiosity of their children and it wasn’t long before one of the Tuscan cousins was visiting Canada to explore business opportunities.  A personal bond was forged with one of his Canadian cousins and numerous collaborative business opportunities were explored.

TusCan International was formed as a Canadian company with these deep family roots in Italy.  Our mandate is bringing the best of Italy to Canada.  Our Italian family and friends seek out the best that Italy has to offer, from gourmet organic foods such as honey, including Truffle Honey produced in the Apennine mountains, to the finest extra-virgin olive oil.  Every product is carefully evaluated before being selected as part of our product offering to Canadians. 

We are currently looking to partner with high-calibre retail outlets, cafes and restaurants for our food products.

Please contact us to discuss the opportunity to help make our fine products available to Canadians.