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Slitti Chocolate and Coffee Products are made with the finest and most natural ingredients possible.  The careful selection, roasting and grinding of beans ensures that the full flavours are released without the bitterness often associated with dark chocolate or dark-roast coffee.  These products are the ultimate in chocolate pleasure.  Combine several items into an elegant  and irresistible chocolate and coffee gift experience.

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The 100g bars are made for sharing but you can keep these smaller 50g bars all to yourself. No excuses needed!

Milk Chocolate

30% (White)

35%, 45%, 51%

...and Dark Chocolate

 60%, 73%, 82%,



Milk Chocolate Bars (100g):
Ranging from a smooth white and regular milk chocolate  to a unique and rare award-winning dark milk chocolate (LatteNero) with up to 70% cocoa,

  • 30% Cocoa Butter (white)
  • 35% Cocoa -
Lattenero Available in:
  • 45% Cocoa
  • 70% Cocoa





Dark Chocolate Bars (100g):
Sumptuous dark chocolate (Gran Cacao) made with as little sugar as possible.  Ideal for diabetics and those on sugar-reduced diets.  Top-quality cocoa ensures that even the darkest blend is not bitter.

Available in:

  • 73%

  • 90% 

  • 100% cocoa

Guilt-free chocolate!


This single-origin single-bean bar of Ecuador-Arriba cocoa is sure to please everyone. The extra texture and intensity of the cocoa grains makes these a pleasure from start to finish.



Gran Bouquet Specialty Bars (100g):
This line of delicately flavoured bars recreates some ancient flavourings like Chilli Pepper, the original chocolate flavouring. You’ll get a bite back when you bite into this one!

  • Caffé Latte (Arabica coffee with 45% cocoa)
  • Caffé Nero (Arabica coffee with 60% cocoa)
  • Peperoncino-Chilli Pepper (73% cocoa)

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