Tuscan International

The Gemignani family has been associated with truffles from San Miniato for 50 years. This Tuscan area between Florence and Pisa provides the ideal habitat for some of the world's best truffles.


WOW!  A new standard in elegance and flavour.

Truffled Salt and Truffled Honey with 23K edible GOLD leaf.

The same great aroma and flavour as the traditional truffled salt and honey from Gemignani but now sparkling with speckled gold leaf.

Truffled Sea Salt, 100g:

Both flavourful and aromatic, this fine Italian sea salt with Italian truffle will spice up any meal. Use it with eggs, potatoes, risotto, meats, etc. The elegant glass jar will also spice up any kitchen or table setting.



Truffle Oil (Black or White), 55ml:

Add aroma and flavour to almost any meal with a few drops of this delicious olive oil with actual truffle (not just flavour infusion)!


Sundried Tomatoes, 250g:

These are what sundried tomatoes are supposed to be like!  Beautiful colour, texture and flavour that bring you back to the 'old country'.



Sundried Tomatoes with Black Summer Truffle in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 170g

The very best Tuscan sundried tomatoes but ready to eat  -- enhanced with black truffles.