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Hazelnut-Chocolate Spreads (250g):
This premium multi award-winning  chocolate-hazelnut spread is in a league of it's own. Made with the best hazelnuts of the 'Tonda Gentile Trilobata' variety. It's great with bread, croissants, crepes, cakes, cookies or just  enjoy it with a spoon.  Available in creamy milk (Riccosa – 52% hazelnuts), chunky (Nocciolata - 38% hazelnuts) and dark-no milk (Gianera – 56% hazelnuts) chocolate. The flavour is so intense that a little bit goes a long way. You have to taste it to believe how good it is!


Seems IMPOSSIBLE, but made even better!


Some of the same great tastes in elegant new 120g  packaging and some new products as well.


Alkekengi-Physalis (120g):

This unique bittersweet fruit contrasts beautifully with a coating of White and Milk chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder.


Pistacchios (120g):

The delicate flavour of the Bronte pistacchios are balanced with a coating of White and Milk chocolate and dusted in icing sugar.



Strawberry (120g):

Sweet and juice strawberries coated with extra-fine milk chocolate embracing the berry's rich flavour.


Chocolate coated Candied-Ginger (120g): 


This root, endowed by nature with beneficial qualities originates from India. Candied and coated in with pure cocoa powder. It delivers an intense and lingering taste.


Dragees (120g):

Large hazelnuts and almonds coated in fine dark chocolate and tumbled in pure cocoa powder. The creamy bittersweet chocolate gives way to the delicate crunch of fine Italian nuts.

Jumbo Raisins (120g):

Large raisins coated with a layer of Milk and Dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder for a well balanced flavour.


Arabica Coffee Beans (120g):

Smooth dark-chocolate covered Arabica coffee beans that are perfectly roasted for maximum flavour and texture.



Rusty Tools (140g):
Slitti’s signature solid chocolate tools (56% cocoa) dusted in cocoa powder to give a “rusty tools” effect.  The handyman will love them and the not-so-handy man may get the message!  Either way, a delicious conversation piece.


"This Old House" loves Slitti's Old Rusty Tools.


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