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Pralines (assorted):

Slitti's masterful creations of perfectly balanced flavours makes for a great hostess gift or to a loved one or just a treat for yourself.

Available in 90g (9 pieces) or 160g (16 pieces).

Couverture for the Pastry Sector (2kg or 4kg):
Chefs and bakers will appreciate the measuring convenience of these small, 10g pieces of the same high-quality chocolate as the bars.
Lattenero (Dark Milk Chocolate),

45%, 51%, 62%
Gran Cacao (Dark Chocolate)

60%, 73%, 82%, 100%

Contact TusCan International for pricing on this product.

By Special Order Only:


Kopi Luwak

Arabica coffee is the rarest in the world.  Only a very small amount is available and Slitti has packaged some in these beautiful 100g gift bags.  Contact us for availability information.

Find out more about The Slitti Chocolate and Coffee Company by visiting www.slitti.it

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