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Venchi Chocolate

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Now in Canada: 

Since 1878, the Venchi chocolate company has focused on quality and freshness in all it's products.  Exclusive recipes and extraordinary raw materials are the key point in Venchi's success. Now also enjoy a wide range of  sugar-free and gluten-free products in Canada.


Venchi chocolate is honoured to be chosen for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize awards ceremony dinner and events in Oslo Norway in December.


The Slitti Chocolate and Coffee Company, one of Europe’s finest award-winning chocolatiers includes a diverse and unique line of products. Delight your taste buds with some of the purest dark chocolate bars available, ranging from 60% to 100% cocoa.  Try the award-winning Lattenero, a dark milk-chocolate, ranging from 45% to a rare 70% cocoa.  Let your palate pop with Peperoncino (chilli pepper), the original chocolate flavouring.  Indulge in the phenomenal hazelnut chocolate spreads.

In the hands of a skilled and dedicated artisan like Andrea Slitti, science and art merge, and the cocoa bean is lovingly transformed into a variety of eye and palate pleasing treats. 

Through Slitti’s and Venchi's unique creations, TusCan International brings two Italian masters of dark chocolate to Canada.  See the full range of product offerings to Canadians (see Products) and find out where you can try them (Where to Buy).